Challahhhhh at Miriam Restaurant

I cannot emphasize my love enough for Miriam Restaurant, an Israeli cuisine oasis in the middle of Park Slope.  If it’s still too soon for my mere endorsement to shoot you straight up to ecstatic, then allow me this one word: Meze.  Confused?  For only 16 dollars you can select three small dishes from among a wide rage of options, which include Falafel, Zucchini Cakes, Burekas, Merges (Moroccan sausage), etc. [see link to the menu below]  The falafel were on parr with Mamoun’s and honestly seemed much healthier.  My personal favorites are the Spanakopita and the Stuffed Baby Portobello Mushrooms. The Spanakopita is perfectly crisp and comes with a semi-spicy dipping sauce that is to die for.  I found myself using it for the other dishes as well.  The couscous in the mushrooms is not only tasty and deliciously spiced, but also balances the texture of the morsels.

The restaurant is ideal for vegetarians looking to venture outside the salad bowl (nothing but love for it, I promise) and in the mood for something savory. There are a number of interesting meatless options – Moussaka anyone?

The simple dessert options are equally phenomenal.  I was literally scraping the dish to spoon up the crumbs of my Baklava, exactly like you will be doing when you order it.  Because you know you will, and you should.  It’s flakey, but not like that friend who is always canceling on you to veg at home.  It’s flakey like the layered strata of paradise…if those glorious layers were dipped in honey and coated in pistachio.

You can access the full menu here.  I strongly recommend the trip.  If you need any further convincing, let me end this post by adding that it’s conveniently located right across the street from a Beacon’s Closet.  Run.  Run there now, and you still might get there before the buzzards snatch up all the cute hi-waisted shorts.  If not, at least you’re guaranteed to have some great food.

‘Maleficent’: The Fairy Movie that Doesn’t Quite Fly

Over the weekend, I saw Disney’s Maleficent on the big screen, after months of being teased by posters of a horned Angelina Jolie with cheekbones even more fabulously pronounced than usual. The release of the MAC Maleficent-themed villain makeup collection got me so excited that I was convinced I was bound to experience nothing short of a theatrical event. I must say, before I comment on any other facet of the film, that Jolie’s makeup throughout the film was stunningly flawless. The contours gave her smile a Cheshire cat quality that is as unforgettable as it is creepy. However, incredible aesthetics aside, I hate to say that the film was generally disappointing, despite having some quality moments.

*Spoiler Alert*

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Screening

On April 3rd, I had the opportunity to attend a special advanced screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier for the children of U.S. Military Members sponsored by Disney and the New York Daily News. As a Marvel fan, I was outlandishly excited.

Captain America is by far one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe. In fact, I love his storyline so much that I own a pair of underwear with his shield on it, and I am not ashamed of the purchase. At all.  Some fans may be confused as to why I pledge my loyalty (and my lingerie) to Cap over the likes of Iron Man, Thor, etc. The answer lies in character complexity. Continue reading ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Screening

La Soirée

Described on its official website as a “theatrical phenomenon,” La Soirée falls not a centimeter short of fitting the label. I had the opportunity to see the show a couple of weeks ago with my girlfriend, and I must say, that it was truly an experience. Merely a glance at an ad would tell that the show is provocative – that is, after all, its purpose. La Soirée transported us into a bizarre alternate reality, to a gritty dark bar with the sexualized “attractions” of a traveling sideshow circus who all vied for our favor. Each act is desperate to lure viewers in: to amuse, tease, and please. However, the show was daring in ways that I had not expected. Below the unparalleled innuendo, it was rife with witty political quips and satirization of the entertainment industry itself. Continue reading La Soirée

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